The Story of Us

This post is meant to introduce you to us. My name is Natalie and my husband’s name is Greg. We have been married for just over 7 years. We were recently on vacation and everyone was asking if we were on our honeymoon so, I guess that means we’ve still got it! 🙂 We are both in our 30’s (although one of us is in the last year of 30’s… not me!).

We have been struggling with infertility for 7 years now. All of our tests come back well within normal range… so we have unexplained infertility (yay, lucky us!).   I will get into this more over time.  After years of not getting pregnant, miscarriages, failed IUI’s and being told to “just stop trying”- we feel like we have been through it all. It has been a roller coaster, but we are in this together. Ironically, with the challenges we have faced – nothing really gets to us anymore.   A recent example, we woke up one morning to find our sump pump failed and we had water in our basement. Not a big deal! We problem solved. With a little teamwork we got it fixed, the water cleaned up and we were only an hour or so late to work! So there is a silver lining to trials and tribulations of trying to conceive.

We are blessed with a great marriage, partnership and family already. Greg has a daughter, N, from a previous marriage. I love N as if she is my own. I thank God that He called/created me to be a stepmom. It is a challenging role to take on; loving another person’s child like your own. However, He knew I had the heart for it. I treasure my relationship that N and I share. I hope that nothing ever changes that. Someday we want to own a bakery together- how lucky am I!?!?

While we have a wonderful family, we both feel that it is our family isn’t complete yet. We began our marriage so hopeful that we would just pop out kids, everyone else does. So how hard could it be!?! I was 26 when we got married- infertility didn’t even cross my mind.  The first question N asked when we told her we were getting married (she was 5.5 years old at the time) was “does this mean I can have a brother or a sister?!?” We were like YES!! Who knew?!?

Fast forward 7 years, my step-daughter is about to be 13! Yikes! Time goes by so fast. N has stopped asking about siblings, I think she has given up. Greg and I have had times where we thought we were complete. Only X more years until N is off to college and then we can do whatever we want- oh, that sounds like fun!  But we always come back to having a child. We both know, there is a lot of love left to give. And while “freedom” in X many years does sound appealing from time to time, it doesn’t replace our desire to have a  child. So the struggle and the journey continues. I haven’t really shared or discussed my infertility with others. I want to have record of our journey, so some day if I doubt myself I can look back and reflect all that I have overcome to achieve my dream of mom to be.

This the Cliff notes version of the Story of Us. I will be sharing more, as we are fast approaching our IVF cycle. So, I have to get you caught up!  I have been inspired by others going through IVF and infertility watching their Vlogs and reading their blogs. How did anyone ever survive or manage infertility without YouTube?  So, I figured if they can do it, darn it – so can I!   Let’s break the stigma of infertility. And maybe, along the way I can help someone out who has felt like so many of us have – alone, unsure of what to do, a failure, etc. You name it, I’ve felt it and I am sure you have too.  I am still a little nervous about the Vlog part right now, so I may hide behind my keyboard for a while before I am ready for the camera! 🙂

Until next time…. Be kind to one another




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