IVF- How did we get here?

Hello! A day after wrote I wasn’t ready to Vlog yet- guess what!? I did it!!  It wasn’t that bad! So my post today is a recap of the last 7 years and all the we have experienced in our “unexplained infertility” journey. If you have any specific questions about anything please reach out or comment below and I will be happy to share.

It feels good to be “talking” about this. I’m actually really excited, all of the sudden. I have even  started  a list of different topics that I will write/ Vlog about until we get to the “good stuff” in May.

So check out our video and don’t forget to subscribe so you get updates! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lsk4i27i65M

Until next time… Be Kind to one another




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