To Early to Claim “Baby Brain”?

So, today was a first. I had a customer meeting and put the wrong time of the meeting in my calendar. So, yeah, showed up when it was supposed to end. DOH! Today was just one of those days, I suppose.  I can’t even blame it on baby brain, well not really… I did have IVF and babies on my brain however.

Today, I finally told my boss that we are doing IVF. She is brand new to our team, maybe a month!?!? My previous boss knew all about our “issues” because he and his wife had “issues” as well. They have two beautiful children (twins) through IVF/donor egg/surrogacy. So needless today, I was able to talk to him openly and freely about everything IVF related.

Anyway, back to today,  I think it went well. I think I  might have shocked her a little. But no sense hiding it from her, I am going to be taking a lot of time off in the month of May for our cycle. I explained that I will not be traveling due to medications taking and not feeling well for a month and a half (I travel a bit for my job, so it’s a kind of a big deal but May tends to be a slower month for me travel wise, hence why we picked it!). I told her that our Dr. appointments are right away in the morning so I won’t miss to much work (half days at most) when I have appointments. I can even stay with family to cut down on drive time. Our IVF Dr. is 2 hours away from where we live. When I have my retrieval, I will take the day off and and when we have them implanted I will take some time off. As you know, I can’t give her specific dates yet,  but told her we should have a pretty good idea of when everything takes place. I also told her this could all change at any given moment, we may stop the process if I my body does not cooperate.  All I ask of her is for understanding and flexibility, as so much of this is out my hands.

She was very supportive and asked me questions about our journey and if we have tried IVF before. She was very supportive and said that she would pray for us that it works! That made me feel so much better! I am really trying to limit the amount of stress in my life- and that was one the outstanding issues. I was kind of scared, to be honest. But, I am glad that it’s over.

How did telling your boss go? Did you not even tell them? I felt like I had to, with my no travel ban in place.

So, my plan is to get in to comfy clothes and curl up on the couch to watch the Voice and early to bed. Tomorrow has to be better right?!?

Until next time… Be Kind to one another.




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