I didn’t think of that…

I didn’t think of that… is what went through my mind over and and over again as we sat in the psychologists office. As part of our IVF journey, our clinic requires anyone going through IVF to meet with their psychologist to prepare you for the “what if’s” of IVF.

I had done a lot of research, read blogs and watched YouTube, so I was pretty sure of what we were getting into. I was glad that my hubby was along, because he heard things way different than I did (happens a lot actually, but I’ll never tell him that!).  I walked out of our one hour session, scared. Scared for what was about to happen and wondering if we should continue down this path. I mean death (myself, the baby/babies, both), organ failure, putting babies as risk…

Luckily, we have a 2 hour car ride between our house and our clinic so we had plenty of time to discuss what we each heard. My hubby is a very level headed guy(opposites attract) so he was able to talk me off the proverbial ledge and pointed out- she didn’t provide any statistics about any of their what if scenarios.  The therapist didn’t discuss numbers at all, expect talking about the number of embryos. The odds of death, organ failure, etc. are actually really slim. So while I only heard the “bad” stuff, he taking in everything. Bless him!

I struggled with the session because with my low AMH level and one ovary, we have no clue how many eggs they will be able to retrieve, if at all.   There is a good chance we won’t even make it egg retrieval.  So a lot of our discussion was very hypothetical. I was relieved that we didn’t have to make a decision then and there, it was just to make us think about it and figure out what we want.

Now reflecting back on the session, it was very beneficial because we have already thought about those “what if” situations. We have already had a chance to discuss so if we do happen to end up in a situation we won’t be relying on my hormonal decision making skills. My prayer is that we won’t even have to worry about any of this.

But in the light of day, I see why our clinic has this as part of there requirements. There are a lot of “what if’s” that are involved with IVF. It is nice to know they care enough to make this a requirement and to get you thinking.  Is this common for other IVF clinics as well?

As far as an update… we are still 2 weeks away from our appointment. If blood work and baseline come back good. Then I will start Micro Lupron on Thursday, May 11th! It will be here before we know it!

Until next time… be kind to one another.




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