The wait is KILLING me!

So I thought the two week wait after IUI was bad…. the last two weeks before my  Dr. appointment has been killing me. So much is riding on this appointment. I just want to know if we can move forward with IVF or not. I am an so anxious and nervous for this appointment. It does’t help that I have a birth control pill count down, so I know how many days until I am done!

But regardless what happens, we know that we have tried everything that we could and maybe it just wasn’t part of His plan for us.

Filmed my wonderful video update from Nashville, TN. I am here for work this week, a much needed distraction from thinking about next Tuesday.  I had a break from my conference so I put on my tennies and went for a walk to get some fresh air and decided to share how I was feeling  with ya’ll!

Enjoy! As you can tell… I was really trying not to say “umm” still did. But much better than the last video!

Until next time… be kind to one another.




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