Wait For It…

The wait is finally over! We had our Dr.’s appointment this morning. I am so blessed with such a great doctor and clinic, I know in my heart this is the right place for us.

I did Vlog about our appointment, you can find that video here.

Cliff notes version: I win the award for fullest bladder (so proud of that!), I have 4 follicles, so that means we are doing IVF!! Yay! While, I am disappointed  that I have only 4. I am happy that we just get the chance to do IVF. I will continue to pray that my body will react well to the medications and I will be able to grow all 4 follicles to a healthy and mature size for retrieval.  My blood work came back all within normal range as anticipated. I am excited that we are really getting this IVF party started!

This also means, I got to order my medications today. Oy, $5,800 later….  so I will being injections on Thursday!  My next check up next Wednesday. Let’s hope those follicles are growing!

I will keep you all updated as I continue on this crazy but amazing journey of a Dream of Mom to Be!

Until next time…. be kind to one another.




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