Mind over Matter

I was working out with a personal trainer a few years ago and he kept telling me “Mind over matter, Natalie. Your body doesn’t think you can do but your mind knows you can…” You know what? He was right. I could do that 1 more rep, I could and I did. I felt such pride in doing it and proving to my body that I could. It also made me push harder. I try to remember this when I need to push myself.

I have been thinking about that the past couple mornings as I have started my injections. There is nothing more “mental” than giving yourself a shot, in my opinion.  While I have had experience before with IUI’s of giving injections. It still is never easy, at least not for me.  It still requires a pep talk.  I just remind mind myself it’s for a baby, for the dream of a mom to be.  And just do it.

I do have to say that so far, I have been pretty quick with the injections. I have a tiny needle to inject the Micro Lupon (10 IU)in the morning and evening. Starting tomorrow I add in two additional shots in the evening, Menopur (150 IU) and Gonal F (300 IU). I have never had to inject myself 4 times in one day. So I hope, I can keep up the mind over matter spirit and get it done. I am kind of intimidated by this and at the same time anxious for tomorrow night to get here.

Such a funny journey that I am on. Not sure how many people get excited to give themselves a shot… but if it brings us a baby. I will do as many injections as it takes!

Any tips out there for surviving multiple injections in one day?

Until next time… be kind to one another!





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